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Caigang sandwich board
  Reinforced mechanical Space (mineral) rock wool series
  According to disadvantages of common (mineral) wool rock plate for indoor flase ceiling, the company develops reinforced (mineral) rock wool powder coated steel sandwich plate for false ceiling (also applicable for partition of wall, insulation material employs paper (aluminum) honeycomb.
 材料适用 Applications 
  1. Upper/lower steel plate thickness: color steel plate/electric, thermal coating zinc plate/stainless steel plate 0.4-1.2mm thick
  2. Core material: volume weight of (mineral) wool rock 120-150kg/m3 (paper) aluminum honeycomb
  3. Side steel strip: galvanized plate 0.5mm-1.0mm thick
 产品规格 Product specifications
  1. Effective width of groove type: 400mm-1150mm; thickness 50mm-200mm; no restriction on length.
  2. Effective width of double-jacket type: 400mm-1150mm; thickness 50mm; no restriction on length.
  3. Effective width of Chinese character type: 400mm-1180mm; thickness 50mm; no restriction on length.
  4. Protection form of plate: coated with PVC protection film.
 产品特性 Product features
  1. Features: high fire resistance, sound insulation and high strength.
  2. Fire-fighting Level: Level A, fire resistance limit 1-4hours.
 适用领域 Application
  Widely used for large area suspended ceiling and separation of steel structure workshop, suspended ceiling, wall body and air purification room.
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