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HEPA air filter
 HEPA air filter
  Wiring and using computer control system of automatic folding folding, the craft is advanced, fold tidy, uniform, reliable, folding components, excellent performance of no damage, the filter material and filter light weight; With high performance specialty glass fiber as the filter medium, high filtration efficiency; Ultra-thin minimum depth of 25 mm only, the filter has big filter area, filter area is equal to the windward area of more than 40 times, big air volume, small resistance, long service life; Line spacing, for high quality hot melt adhesive; Each filter through a rigorous testing.
  Used for the quality of the clean air, particles, etc have strict requirements, and the ventilation system is restricted by a certain space.
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 Model specifications and the basic performance indicators
model Overall dimensions (mm) The rated air flow (m3/h) Initial resistance(Pa) Filtration efficiency(Sodium flame method%) Dust holding capacity(g)
GKYS-9A 484X484X90 900 GKYS Series:
Group A: ≥99.995
B: ≥99.98
GKYS-13A 726X484X90 1350 339
GKYS-18A 968X484X90 1800 452
GKYS-13A 610X610X90 1300 360
GKYS-19A 915X610X90 1900 540
GKYS-15A 630X630X90 1500 383
GKYS-22A 945X630X90 2250 574
GKYS-30A 1260X630X90 3000 766
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